Despite the fact that this is not the keyaspect for you to recognize a trustworthy website hosting supplier from a bad one or a reseller from a real provider, the option to call and communicate with a live person is a sign that you aren't using the services of a one-person service provider and that you can get in touch with somebody any time you're in need of help. The telephone support for hosting services may range from general to experienced, which means that the issues which can be resolved with a call vary depending on the particular provider. Generally, these matters are more basic and feature billing or first level technical issues because more complex problems generally require a support ticket where both you and the administrators can track the proceedings with a given situation. However, having the option to call your provider will save you lots of time and efforts for the multitude of small things which will eventually appear when you manage your website hosting account.
Phone Support in Website Hosting
In case you choose to employ one of our Linux website hosting packages, you'll be able to get in touch with our customer support crew via phone for 14 hours per day. We will assist you in choosing the ideal plan for your sites since we are aware that it is better to discuss these issues with a live person. In case you already have an account, we can assist you with any kind of sales/billing questions as well as general issues, even with some technical problems that don't require a lot of time or escalation to a system administrator because it'll be more convenient to open a ticket for time-consuming matters in order to have the entire communication in a single place. We have telephone numbers in the US, Great Britain and Australia, so you can call the one you prefer and speak with our representatives.
Phone Support in Semi-dedicated Hosting
We provide live telephone support 14 hours per day as part of the support services for every single semi-dedicated server package that we supply. As some issues are more complex and time-consuming, you'll have to open a support ticket if you experience such an issue, but for all the billing, general or small-scale tech issues you can always phone us and we'll assist you in a timely manner to save you the time you will need to spend on opening a support ticket. Even if you do not have an account yet, you're able to find out if you can host your sites on our state-of-the-art cloud platform or you are able to receive any other general information about our semi-dedicated services. We have local numbers in the U.S.A., the UK and Australia along with an international number, which means that you'll be able to call the one which is closer to your region.